Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Secret Behind Oscars

Ever wondered how the Academy Awards work? What are the factors in deciding the best movie for each year? Here is a detailed analysis on why these movies were given the Best Picture award from the year 2000. Behold! The factors that are considered are unimaginable and everyone is bound to feel wowed after discovering the secret behind Oscars.

72nd Academy Awards: American Beauty
There was no hesitation in handing this movie the Best Picture right from the day it released. Despite the movie's brilliant narration and excellent acting by the entire cast, the movie won the Best Picture for an entirely different reason. The movie had the word "American" in it. Especially after The English Patient won in 1997, the jury was bent on giving the best picture to a movie which had the word "American" in it ; hence, proving that American is better than English . Unfortunately, American Pie missed the award for unknown reasons.

73rd Academy Awards: Gladiator
The jury members decided the Best Picture for the 73rd Academy Awards while they were having Pizzas in Pizza Hut. One member is said to have quoted " We should give the Oscars to something Italian just as a tribute to these Pizzas". Another member replied " I heard the movie Gladiator has got something to do with Rome...we should give it to Gladiator". While few member agreed, few argued that Pizza originated in Italy and not in Rome.

74th Academy Awards: A Beautiful Mind
The jury members were aware that if they do not give the award to a movie,which is based on the life of an American Mathematician,they will be ridiculed for their poor knowledge. They had no choice but gift the award to A Beautiful Mind.

75th Academy Awards: Chicago
Despite brilliant movies such as The Pianist and LOTR 2 , the race was between two American cities : Chicago and Gangs of New York. The Award was finally decided over a game of Stone, Paper and Scissor between two representatives from each city.

76th Academy Awards: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The third movie of LOTR evoked sympathy from the jury as the first two movies didn't win the Best Picture. The sympathy shown was very evident as The Return of the King bagged 11 Awards equaling an epic movie and a not so epic ship movie.

77th Academy Awards: Million Dollar Baby
It is believed that Clint Eastwood found out the secret behind Oscars and threatened that he would take a movie about it if the jury doesn't hand him the Oscar for Million Dollar Baby. However, the jury refuted such claims and said that the movie was a masterpiece.

78th Academy Awards: Crash
This was the first time the Best Picture was decided by lots. Voila! Crash was lucky.

79th Academy Awards: The Departed
Sympathy came into play again. The jury felt that it was high time they give the poor bloke, Scorsese, some award to acknowledge his contribution to cinema. Once again,Clint Eastwood blackmailed the jury but Scorsese employed De Niro and Pesci to shut Clint's mouth. 

80th Academy Awards: No Country for Old Men
Since there are no interesting stories behind this award, it can be safely concluded that this movie probably deserved the award.

81st Academy Awards: Slumdog Millionaire
Obviously the jury members didn't want to be branded as racists. As Slumdog Millionaire was entirely based in India with Indian actors, there was no other winner. However, if a dark African movie with an entire dark colored cast had released, then the story would have been different. 

82nd Academy Awards: The Hurt Locker
Having proved that the jury members weren't racist, it was time they proved they weren't sexists. Hence, they snubbed a Tarantino's masterpiece, a Cameron's Blue film ,a Vulcan movie (which wasn't even nominated) and presented the award to The Hurt Locker. James Cameron was inconsolable for obvious reasons. 

83rd Academy Awards: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mystery to be unfolded soon....
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