Thursday, April 21, 2011

Infinite Loop Rage Comic

Dedicated to all Arsenal fans.  We understand your feelings. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Vote or Not to Vote

It is with great displeasure I announce that I have failed to cast my vote as a dutiful citizen. Spare me the condescending look. I haven't committed any crime, have I? Oh well, if I have committed a crime, I sincerely apologize. In my defence, with India just winning the world cup and IPL's rare occurrence once in twelve months, I almost took my mind off the elections. Moreover people's obscure status messages, such as 49-O, didn't help me either as I genuinely thought those were cricket scores. My bad. The difference between 0 and O still eludes me. However, I feel better off without voting.

Again,don't give me that dirty look.Frankly, I couldn't bring myself to choose one extremely civil, honest and sincere candidate over another. It was like Sophie's choice, only this time, I was to choose from a battalion of righteous politicians.I was advised by my grand father to vote for anyone but DMK. That is supposed to be a secret.Anyway,if I had voted against DMK, my conscience would have pricked me just like how it pricks me every time I steal a poori or chapathi or both from my brother's plate. There are people out there,who claim DMK should be chased out of the scene and the family business should be put to an end. All this antagonism due to one small time con act popularly known as the 2G scam. Every coin has two sides, my friend. The other side is what we really care about. What would our families do without Sun TV, Kalaignar TV, Sun Music, Isai Aruvi, Chuti TV, Adithya, Siruppoli et al? How can one have the heart to vote against DMK when one succumbs to their assets so shamelessly? Heck, even Endhiran wouldn't have been possible without Sun Pictures. Honestly, do we care about the 2G scam or Endhiran and various other movies produced by Sun Pictures? This family has done so much for the well-being of an average Tamizhan. This family is awesome. This family is the Corleones of the modern era. I can't understand how people can hate this family. I am deeply disturbed and I can't fathom the hypocritical behaviour of the masses. For those who voted against them, I can only say your judgement is as good as an engineering student's, who decides to pursue MS in the USA to get laid easily.

Next up is the AIADMK. I am a person who takes the old saying " Maatha,Pitha,Guru,Rajni" a bit too seriously. Jayalalitha aka Amma aka Puratchi Thalaivi  is to Tamil Nadu as what Wonder Woman is to the Justice League. Power. Guts.Grit. Not the skimpy outfits though. Moreover, I would hate to be branded as a sexist. As an ardent MGR fan, I would have felt terribly upset if I had voted against her. And I have never seen a politician in India speak half as eloquently as her. Check this interview out with Karan Thapar and you will know. I would also miss the live coverage of arrests if you know what I mean. I hope the almighty forgives you sinners who have not voted for the most electrifying women in Tamil Nadu history.

If I had voted for one of the above mentioned parties, I would have received scrutiny from the 'educated' friends of mine, who believe that well learned independent candidates are the flavor of the younger generation. I have to agree with them. Also, I heard rumours that if you vote for Mr. Sharath Babu and get 99.9 %le in CAT and get 95% in your 10th and 12th and have a work experience of 4-5 years, you get a seat in one of the IIM's. If I am not voting for him, I would miss a great opportunity which I can't afford to lose.

You understand, don't you? I was caught in a fix.I was helpless. I was cornered. I couldn't compromise for one person over the other. It is easy to go and blindly cast your vote and show off that you have voted like you have surfed with the sharks in the Pacific. But, deep inside, you know everyone is as good as the other and you have made a terrible choice in choosing one and ignoring the other. All of them are fit to rule this state or even the country. You can't vote for all of them, can you? "Voting is a statutory duty not a luxury" echoed in my ears frantically. Then, someone gave me the bright idea of using the 49-O option, which I disregarded immediately. Doing that would be a disgrace to everyone and I could never do that. The next option,not the best though, was not to vote. At least I am able to live without any rotten remorse or abject fear of being burnt while taking a leak.

PS: I am a Vijayakanth fan and hence it is incumbent I don't vote against him.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


After a hiatus, TK is back with a whimper. 
146. During the First World War, X (a football club) supported the war effort by allowing the ground to be used as a rifle range for military training. On the outbreak of the Second World War, all outdoor sport was banned by the Government until safety implications could be assessed. When football resumed a few weeks later, X's Chief Constable ordered the ground's closure because of its proximity to probable air-raid targets such as the Y munitions factories. The matter was first raised in Parliament in November 1939, but the Home Secretary felt unable to intervene. By March 1940, when Z (X's ground) had for some time been the only football ground in England still closed, the Chief Constable bowed to public pressure, and a crowd of 13,241 witnessed X's first home game in more than six months. X,Y and Z?
Answer: X- Birmingham FC Y- BSA Z- St.Andrew's

147. Quiksilver is one of the world's largest manufacturers of surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment. Its logo is inspired from which famous work?

148.  According to X, his interest in Y (a subject) began with Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, in which the social scientists of the future use "psychohistory" to attempt to save civilization. Since "psychohistory" in Asimov's sense of the word does not exist, X turned to Y, which he considered the next best thing. X and Y?
Answer: X- Paul Krugman Y- Economics

149. X test is a s a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex scientifically derived algorithms, or both. Which comic character gets his name from this?

Answer: Rorschach

150. Why is this music track ( kinda apt for the movie? (Poorly framed. Kindly adjust.)
Answer: When the music notes of this song are represented in a staff and the notes are joined dot to forms a V. 

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