Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Kelvi aka TK v4.0

Howdy High Funda Homo-sapiens!

Presenting you, Today's Kelvi aka TK: It is always today's kelvi even if you ask it tomorrow or yesterday or on the Pope's birthday. TK is a franchise whose origin is not exactly known. Some believe that it started on the day Mark Twain saw the Halley's comet while others believe that it originated during World War II to cheer up grim soldiers with some futile comedy. There is also another myth that TK actually originates  in circa 2029 AD and uses time travel to reach the audience of the present. But, that would be called as Tomorrow's Kelvi and not Today's Kelvi ; Hence, the myth is rejected.

TK is not one of the leaders in its market due to stiff competition. In fact, TK has hit rock bottom due to the aggressive growth of other kampenis such as Omiethehomie by Omie the homo, Neo CaO or Harry Lime Quiz by Lord of the Quizzings , Alpha & Omega Quiz Club by 2D Man and finally, Arbit Funda by Arbit Azhagiri. However, TK vows to stabilise its rock bottom position by its new innovative version: TK v 4.0. For the uninitiated, here is a brief history about the previous versions of TK.

  • TK v1.0 - via SMS. This version lasted exactly for 28 days as the Nokia phone,which TK's providers used, decided to end its life by falling into a bucket of water from one of the providers' pocket.
  • TK v2.0 - via E-mail/ SMS. This version was considered the most successful one as it lasted for about 5 months and 21 days. TK learnt that e-mail was a very useful tool! It also used SMS ocassionaly when BSNL net connection showed its true colour.
  • TK v3.0 - via Facebook. TK's initiative to go global with Facebook bombed big time because it failed to realise Facebook is primarily for stalking girls.
  • TK v4.0 - via Blog. Inspired by Shri Shri Harish Swamigal, TK will hit the blogs this 2011 hoping that the kids of GaTech Vijay will mug all the questions from this in the future.TK v4.0 will follow a unique way of themed questions. Each week will have 4-7 questions based on a single theme chosen by Prophet Mario and his disciples. 

TK franchise promises to maintain a leader board and also assures to award the leader of each month fruitfully. Yes, even Water Melon can be an award. But don't get your hopes too high! Mostly a banana would be the award.

Watch out for the questions here next year! And kindly neglect other random articles if you are not a big fan of gibberish. May you help TK maintain its lowly position for the rest of the year.

ThanK YoU!

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