Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kalanidhi Vs Kalmadi

Disclaimer : This work is purely fictional. Only the characters are real.

Part 1
Elated after being appointed as the president of Indian Olympic Committee, Kalanidhi Maran spares a minute for our journalist from Dubakur Daily and talks about his plans for the Commonwealth Games.

Journalist (J) : Congratulations Mr Kalanidhi on becoming the president of the IOC and taking up responsibility for the Commonwealth Games.

Kalanidhi (K) : Thank you very much. It has been my dream to produce such a high budget movie.

J : A movie? I am asking about the CWG,sir.

K : I consider all the things I do as a movie. After all , life is a big movie and the whole word is a part of that movie.

J : That's very philosophical,sir! Anyways, can you tell us about the plans for the CWG?

K: Well,to start with..we will have about 17 events and songs in between every event.

J :Wow! That's a brilliant idea! What inspired you to get such an idea?

K : I have had this idea always. I have roped in the great musician Deva to compose the songs and Mozart of India,Mani Sharma to compose music for the opening ceremony.

J: Fantastic! Sounds fabulous! What about the venue for the events, sir?

K : We have quite a lot of options for that. I have sent a team to hunt for locations.

J : Can you elucidate,sir?

K : Well,for swimming we have zeroed on River Thames. Such a beautiful location. All the swimmers are in for some treat!

J : Makes me wanna become a swimmer! Very exciting! What about the track events?

K : All the track events will take place in and around the Colosseum of Rome. It will give the event more authenticity and reality and the athletes will surely love the location.

J: Mind blowing! This is surely going to be the best CWG ever! Have you planned anything else,sir?

K: That's it for now. I have a meeting now. Just watch out for many surprises.

J : Sure! All the best Mr.Kalanidhi!

Part 2
Our journalist from Dubakur Daily catches up with Mr.Suresh Kalmadi,producer of the latest Superstar movie Enthiran,for just 42 seconds. Here is what he has to say about the movie.
Journalist (J): What is your take on the movie,sir?

Kalmadi (K) : I take everything.

J : Pardon me? You take everything? Oh you mean the responsibility?

K : No No. Wait I shall explain. Heard of the Ba Ba Black Sheep rhyme? I am a huge fan of that rhyme. I shall take one for my first wife,one for my second wife and one for my third wife who lives down the road.

J : Oh, So how will you produce the movie?

K : Rajnikanth will demand my resignation sooner or later. I shall oblige to that but deny the fact that I have stolen any money. And since you know this I will give you Thousand Rupees.

J : But I am sure the whole crew will need your support to complete the movie,sir. Why don't you produce it?

K : SECURITY!! This man is trying to talk me into producing this movie. Take him away.

J : *Indistinct Noise*

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